Surgix Trainer

This exciting new product is a minimally-invasive surgery training simulator designed to meet the needs of medical students, surgery residents, and established surgeons. This training simulator provides a way to periodically train outside of the operating room to keep minimally-invasive surgical skills current and in maximum shape.

Surgix Trainer features Telesurgix' innovative, patent-pending force feedback technology that monitors, displays, and records the surgeon's force applied to the surgical graspers during the minimally-invasive surgical procedure.

The force measurement is displayed in real time on the same visual monitor that projects the video feed from the internal surgical area. Pre-set, programmable warning and critical limits are permanently displayed on the screen featuring audible alert signals for improved feedback. The entire training session is recorded and can be played back to review performance and identify areas needing improvement.

Upcoming Products

Follow-on force monitoring surgical products will integrate into Vital Signs monitoring stations in the Operating Room for the ultimate convenience of the surgeon performing minimally-invasive surgery procedures.

Ultimate applications such as robotic surgery and telemedicine will include our patent-pending force feedback technology as a key component in ensuring the large-scale success of these emerging techniques.